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Crusader Kings III is a game that actually respects new players with a dynamic tutorial and tooltips galore

Crusader Kings 3, the latest offering from Paradox Interactive, successfully aligns the desires of its fictional rulers with its real-world players. The player starts by controlling a single ruler, eventually leading and growing their dynastic line over hundreds of years of feudal history. Throughout, the game balances randomness with the opportunity for real improvisation on the part of the player. The result is an elastic storytelling engine that brings into focus the kinds of personal conflicts that make it so fascinating to study real history.

Sprawling anecdotes like that of the doomed dynasty above will be familiar to any veteran Crusader Kings player, but such detailed storytelling is most likely alien, or perhaps surprising to players unfamiliar with the genre. Playing a grand strategy game like Crusader Kings III is a lot like reading a thick, revered historical novel. Both serve the user with granular, rewarding narratives full of intrigue, but summoning the strength to tackle them in the first place can be tricky. This is because they have a reputation for being obtuse, and often require heaps of contextual research in order to truly understand their importance.

Characters often show aspects of their personality in their models. A drunkard might have rosy cheeks, and I even encountered a nudist parading around the castle naked as a jaybird.

What's great about the RPG elements that weave through all of CK3 is that they can be a focus of gameplay or not. Sometimes, you'll just want to conquer territories and build up your realm. You don't have to pay attention to these additions if you don't want to.

The developers also devised an ingenious mechanic called the Tool Tip, which disseminates large quantities of information about the various terms used in the game. Essentially, a light blue word(s) indicates that you can hover over it, which summons a pop-up box defining the term. Within that box may be more words, which can also summon a pop-up once ghosted over without dismissing the previous boxes. It’s non-intrusive, informative, well-designed, and optional.

What’s remarkable is the sheer scale of the game. You can enter the fray in the ninth century, when the majority of individual kingdoms are small and feisty. Or you can begin the game in the 11th century, when huge, ponderous beasts like the Holy Roman Empire and the Papacy dominate the landscape. You can step into the shoes of any one of hundreds of different historical figures spread out all across the ancient world, from the British Isles and Africa to India and the Mongolian steppe. Once the simulation is set in motion, just about anything can happen.

Here’s a game that actually respects new players with a dynamic tutorial and tooltips galore. You can hover over every difficult word in the game (and trust me, there’s a lot of them) to receive a terse explanation of what it means. You can then lock the explanation to your screen and hover over the difficult words inside of that tooltip to understand what they mean too. It’s marvellous for those of us unfamiliar with Old English nobility vernacular and is part of Paradox’s push to make the game more accessible to newbies.

At the same time, CK3 is great for veterans. A lot of fan-favorite elements that were added to CK2 over a decade of DLC are already here, and most of the systems are close enough to the same family tree that you shouldn't have trouble taking kingdoms over.

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