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Dual Universe is real potential here for enormous space battles

Dual Universe has always been one of those big space epic sci-fi MMO games that I’ve heard a lot about but never had real clarity on what it was exactly. A lot of that has to do with the fact that it’s still in closed testing without opportunities to play easily, but it’s also due to just how sprawling it all is.

No one likes feeling like playing a game’s beta is a grind, and no one likes losing access to a beta unexpectedly. So it’s a bit of a bad look that Dual Universe has managed to hit both of those milestones, with players complaining about the grind even as they note some accounts being nixed for supposedly invalid beta keys.

During the demo, the developers gave us a look at what the typical player experience is like in Dual Universe. Players can create their own spaceships from scratch, using basic materials gathered around the world. I watched as a player put together a ship, powered it, and brought it to life. It was really neat to see, and surely will set the ceiling incredibly high for players to get creative and make some truly out-of-this-world designs. One of my only concerns was in regards to learning the ins and outs of building. So much of Dual Universe’s world follows a “learn by discover” mindset, I worry that an inexperienced player like myself may be extremely confused trying to put together and power a basic ship.

Although the rush was already high at the beginning of the beta phase, over time more and more players were added and slowly but surely filled the world of Dual Universe. That had several positive effects on the game. For one thing, the world feels much more alive now. We no longer only encounter foreign players in the central marketplaces of Alioth, the largest of the planets, but everywhere in the universe. Even the tiny moons of smaller planets on the edge of the solar system are now well populated. And even where no cities or factories have emerged, you will always come across players who are diligently digging up resources. Large cities have emerged around the centers of the moons and planets, in which you can admire not only fascinating buildings, but also superbly constructed ships. Even in the vastness of space, on our journeys from planet to planet, we always meet different ships and traders - not to mention the large space stations.

Up until now, all footage and information about Dual Universe has mostly focused on the way the game is structured and what players can do in it together -- but now developer Novaquark is revealing details on what players can do in it to each other, and I got to see the PvP in action and get answers to a few of my questions.

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