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EA is releasing the second part of its Madden NFL 21 franchise upgrades

Madden NFL 21’s next big Franchise mode update will fix an area that players have long complained about: AI-controlled teams drafting first-round quarterbacks when the club already has talent, even rookie talent, at that position.

Per the info EA is releasing, this should be a thing of the past. The update notes say:

“As a part of our next update, we have added new logic checks that CPU teams will use to guide whether they should even be interested in drafting a QB when they’re on the clock in Round 1. Now, teams will evaluate their roster and previous draft picks of the last two years to keep teams from replacing players too soon.”

The requested Commissioner House Rules feature was added into the game for players. With it, they can determine how many times a play can be called in a game, and how long a player must wait before they can call the same play again. The update will also add X-Factor Customization tools in Career Settings for commissioners to control, which allows them to edit players' X-Factor abilities to different settings including Commissioner Only, Any User, or None.

CPU QB Draft Logic Improvements
When a CPU team is on the clock, they will now deprioritize drafting a first round QB if:

    Their current starting QB was a 1st round pick in the last two Drafts
    Their current starting QB was a 2nd/3rd round pick in the last two Drafts
        And has a Normal Dev and 72+ OVR
        And has Star or higher Dev trait
    Their current starting QB is a 94+ OVR
    Their current starting QB is 87+ OVR and 32+ years old
    Their current starting QB is 74+ OVR and < 29 years old
    Their current backup QB is a Star or higher Dev Trait and < 28 years old

Lastly, if a team’s current starting QB is over 35, the team will consider drafting a replacement.

Let’s take a look at some of the other components of the update.

Commissioner Controls: Undo FA Signings - Offseason Only
If for whatever reason, you need to revert a free-agent signing, commissioners can now do this during the offseason.

Commissioner Controls: Team Override Settings
Commissioners can allow or disallow users access to individual settings for Heat Seeker, Ball Hawk and Switch assist. These are all handicapping tools that can allow for people of a lesser skill level to play in leagues with more experienced players.

Commissioner Draft Tools
Commissioners will now be able to pause the draft or switch someone to auto-pilot.

Commissioner House Rules: Play Cool-Down and Repeat Play Limits
These settings allow commissioners to dictate how many times a play can be called in a game, and how long a player must wait before calling that same play again.

As always, whether the team does draft a QB is dependent on many factors, and like real life, there can still be times where a team decides a player is just too good to pass up depending on the situation. The Draft is full of surprises!

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