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Galaxy Opal cards arrive with the latest NBA 2K20 Buzzer Beater packs in MyTeam

Last week we saw the release of a Galaxy Opal Lamar Odom, which made a significant splash. To a lesser degree, the Galaxy Opal Kevin Love that highlighted the most recent Buzzer Beaters set was an additional bump. However, neither of those releases are the kind of cards that steer the entire NBA 2K-related conversation toward MyTeam.It takes the pursuit of the Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, or another of the game’s current greats to make that sort of splash.

Four new players are in a fresh Buzzer Beater pack in NBA 2K20 MyTeam, including galaxy opal Kevin Love and galaxy opal Mitch Richmond. The other players included are pink diamond Sam Cassell and diamond Dennis Scott.

So far, the best card we’ve seen for Kevin Love is his 95 overall Prime V.I.P. item. For Mitch Richmond, his best item was the 98 OVR Pink Diamond Rewards card available in the game. Now, both of these players have much better cards with new Galaxy Opals in the NBA 2K20 Buzzer Beater packs. If you are in lack of NBA 2K20 CD Key, visit our site, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

With Kevin Love, MyTeam fans will get a solid power forward/center option. Love is 6-foot-10 with mostly good shooting attributes, although Driving Layup is an 84. Love also checks in with just a B+ on perimeter, whereas a player like Ben Simmons has an A+ grade. Love also has 22 Gold and 41 Hall of Fame Badges including popular options such as Difficult Shots, Pick & Popper, Brick Wall, Volume Shooter, Deadeye, Box, and Dimer.

With the MyTeam marketplace back in a place of unrest as it seems price fixing and general market manipulation by MT sites (presumably), locker codes might be where you want to stick for now. It’s unclear how 2K will handle what’s starting to happen in the marketplace because it’s starting to feel like certain cards are unattainable or just being protected by certain entities who have money to make via third-party means by keeping prices at certain ranges.

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