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How to Catch Temtem in the Saipark

Temtem received some new content during the weekly reset on February 17 in the additions of a new area called the Saipark. As the name of the Saipark suggests, this location is a Temtem park you can visit to catch Temtem.

The Saipark is in Deniz (the first region you started the game in), and can be reached via the Prasine Coast, so long as you have the hook. Yep, that means you need to have beaten the main story before you can explore the new zone. This area was built with endgame players in mind, so if you are new or working through the story still don’t stress over adventuring here yet.

That said, it will cost Pansuns to enter the Saipark, and the price will change each week, as will the amount of Saicards you receive. That’s right: you can’t use regular Temcards here, only the zone-exclusive Saicards. You can buy more Saicards after entering, but they will come in bundles that increase in price with each purchase, so grinding in the Saipark will prove expensive to tamers looking to catch multiple Tems. Early reports from other tamers indicate they do not have a 100% capture success rate, so the Saipark can get expensive quickly. Furthermore,You can buy Cheap Temtem Pansun at by using the code “5MMO” for a 3% discount.

Each week there will be two featured Tems in the zone who will either have an increased Luma spawn rate, a minimum amount of max SVs, or a chance at spawning with an Egg Move. The patch notes make it sound like the zone will only feature these two Tems, but tamers are already reporting other Tems in the area. Essentially, the two Tems listed for the week are the Tems with a bonus.

Catching Temtem in the Saipark works exactly like catching Temtem in the overworld. Wait for a wild encounter to happen then battle the Temtem. Lower its health to help with catching and throw a Saicard when you feel it is weak enough. Once caught you can add the Temtem to your party or send it to the pc.

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