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MLB The Show 21 has add the Field of Dreams from Field of Dreams

Call of Duty isn’t the only franchise getting in on the ’80s movie crossovers. Sony San Diego has announced that MLB The Show 21 will get a free update this week adding the Field of Dreams from Field of Dreams, that classic film in which Kevin Costner builds a baseball diamond on his corn farm for the ghosts of dishonest baseball players.

The studio worked closely with field and MLB architects to precisely replicate this unique stadium. The news will not stop there, as in addition to adding the iconic stadium to MLB The Show 21, there will be an entire week of simultaneous content dedicated to Campo dos Sonhos.

According to the blog, San Diego Studio worked directly with MLB field architects to recreate the real-life version of the Field of Dreams in-game. The game's take replicates everything from the field dimensions and light structures down to the seating and rows of corn. Even the smaller field that was used for the original movie can be seen in the background, just as it will at the in-person MLB game on August 12.

According to a new post on the official PlayStation Blog, the field is based on the 8000-capacity replica ballpark created by the MLB, which will be hosting the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox in real life on Thursday.

The original field from the film still exists and continues to run as a tourist destination, but because it couldn’t be brought to MLB standards without permanently changing it and ruining its authenticity, MLB instead built a second field 500ft away.

In addition to the new ballpark, MLB The Show 21 will also add a week of live content dedicated to the Field of Dreams. The update has arrives on August 10th.

The Field of Dreams in MLB The Show 21 is both a fun nod to the classic film and an interesting tie-in to an actual MLB event, as one can theoretically play along with the White Sox and Yankees' digital counterparts while the game is happening live in Iowa. While nothing of the sort has been confirmed at press time, this crossover could open the door to future MLB crossovers in the future. MLB The Show will have EA's baseball games to compete with soon, so direct collaboration with the league could set Sony's franchise apart in fans' minds.

MLB The Show 21 is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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