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Outriders is the most literal interpretation of Diablo with guns in history

Outriders has caught our attention this week. It's a game that has spurred mixed emotions from players and critics alike: some say it's the best thing since sliced bread, while others, including our own Morgan Park, aren't convinced it's worth the price of admission. Either way, it sounds like there's some potential in this game to stick around and that means you should spend a moment in the settings menu to ensure it's finely-tuned and operating at its best.

Outriders is the most literal interpretation of “Diablo with guns” in history, even more so than the original series that tried that, Borderlands. The game is structured with small, somewhat linear levels. You are free to mix and match skills with skill modifiers on armor (a stand-in for gems/runes). There is set gear that combines for powerful effects. The are endgame “rift runs” (expeditions) where you’ll farm the best gear once you’ve beaten the main story.

Outriders’ underwhelming narrative stakes are laid out across an extensive introduction: humans have fled a dying Earth for a planet called Enoch, but – and this is a bit of a shame – it turns out that Enoch is plagued by storms that cripple electronics, disrupt the laws of physics and turn people inside out.

Outriders’ narrative is unabashedly full of b-movie cheese. Your character responds adequately as a person who woke up with superpowers in the middle of a war on a world trying to kill you off (namely lots of “what the f***?”). Meanwhile, most of Outriders ranges from the usual mad world depression, bitterness, and insanity to outright ridiculous. It can be seen in full stride when, in a side quest, you save a soldiers who was working with enemies to survive, only to mercilessly betray and kill them, declare “this is war, deal with it,” and then get shot in the noggin by a stray bullet before he can finish that sentence. It feels hard to get emotionally attached to Outriders due to its jumps between depressing futility of the situation and brazenly gratuitous violence and bravado, but at least the latter makes for surprising and laugh-out-loud moments sometimes.

There simply are no bad classes in Outriders. Whatever class you might think is bad early on in the game, you just haven’t put enough time into yet. There are incredible, viable endgame builds for Trickster, the teleporting hunter, Technomancer, the toxic/freeze mage-type, Pyromancer, the fire-caster and Devastator, the boulder tank, all of which can serve rolls as support or DPS depending on how you build them. All of them are fun. None of them stands out as being decidedly worse than the rest, which again, is highly unusual in a game like this.

Not everyone is looking for a game like Outriders, and if wooden dialogue and sci-fi cliches – it’s all commanders with eye patches and mad scientists – are not your thing, there’s no shame in that. But if you’re the type of player who reached a flow state in Doom Eternal, or speaks wistfully of Diablo, or perhaps remembers the rhythmic gunnery of Bizarre Creations’ The Club, Outriders will speak to you.

If there's one thing that's immediately noticeable in cinematics when you begin playing Outriders (at least once you jump into a tête-à-tête) it's the camera shake. It's like watching an Armando Iannucci show. Yet something about the space-age, everything has gone to shit context doesn't fit the almost comedic shaky-cam style.

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