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Several FUT channels on Twitter report a new leak on FIFA 22

One of the biggest symptoms of the arrival of summer, year after year, is that moment in which people stop talking about the last FIFA in progress, which would have, under normal circumstances, just over two months of 'life', and all the attention of the 'FIFA world' is focused on the next title of the football sports simulator par excellence. It is already summer 2021 and, little by little, all the attention is being taken by FIFA 22.

Several FUT channels on Twitter report a new leak on FIFA 22. It is said to have been discovered that EA has adjusted the FIFA code to add new icon cards. The names of big football stars appear who have not yet had any icon cards in FIFA 21 and who have already ended their careers.

As new Icons on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, as reported by the well-known data-miner FUT Watch:

Among the names reported there are:

Van Persie
Di Stefano

In addition to the real icons, present in 3 versions (plus, probably the Icon Moments one) as it happens now from FIFA 18, the "Heroes", "Heroes" in Italian should make their debut.

When is the FIFA 22 show at EA Play?
Presumably, not all of these events will reveal all of the FIFA 22 content. However, the July 20 and July 22 broadcasts may be of interest to us.

Be careful, this following the dates that had been customary for FIFA prepandemic, since FIFA 21 had to be delayed until October due to the global health pandemic. This date is also given because of the leak that the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team WebApp would be launched on September 15.

But besides Gomez, other footballers are mentioned in the code of FIFA that could be introduced as icon cards. There is talk of the Brazilian defensive legend Cafu or Wayne Rooney, who only hung up his football boots this year. But there could also be new icon cards for Robin Van Persie or Iker Casillas, should the leak prove to be true.

Here is the full list of supposed legends for FIFA 22:

    Iker Casillas
    Wayne Rooney
    Robin Van Persie
    Alfredo di Stefano
    Luis Fabiano
    Mario Gomez

It is important to emphasize that in order for a player who is no longer in activity to be included in the game, it is necessary to enter into a contract with the player himself (or with the heirs in the case of athletes who are no longer alive) for the transfer of image rights. However, it is not always possible to find an agreement, even of an economic nature and moreover, some players, see for example the recent case of Beckham, still had exclusive contracts with PES and could not be included in other videogames until expiry of this contract.

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