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Talking Tom dev Outfit7's game library has reached a total of 10 billion downloads

Outfit7, the developer and publisher known for its Talking Tom mobile game franchise, says its library has surpassed 10 billion total downloads on mobile platforms.Though specifics on those downloads aren’t offered beyond just the number, the studio notes in a press release that the milestone comes roughly 10 years after it first opened its doors.

It was back in 2009 when a team of eight entrepreneurs made the decision to make mobile games. From My Talking Tom, the company has since released games like Talking Tom Gold Run, My Talking Angela, and even Talking Tom Hero Dash. Some of these games have entered the top ten charts in at least 100 countries. With the highly successful My Talking Tom 2 released in 2018, the company then became the leading publisher when it comes to Tamagotchi-style mobile games. While the company was founded in Slovenia, it was later bought by Chinese company Zhejiang Jinke Entertainment Culture.

In a press statement, CEO Xinyu Qian said that it was exciting to think that a whole generation of people grew up with Talking Tom and they have managed to connect with people around the world by giving them excitement, friendship, and fun. Qian went on to say that it has been an amazing decade "with so much growth and so many humbling accomplishments, but we're not slowing down anytime soon." In addition, Cheap My Talking Tom Items is on hot sale at our website

As it enters a new decade of business, Outfit7 revealed that it is entering a new phase. The first move is to release a bigger and better virtual friend game that is going to further cement its reputation as the leader of this genre. The franchise is also all set to introduce a new character with Talking Becca who will make her debut in Season 4 of the Talking Tom and Friends animated series. The company is also preparing to announce an upcoming release that is expected to be different from its usual offerings. This time the company is planning to release a team-based PvP arena game, but with a twist.

Those 10 years have seen the launch of several games in the Talking Tom series, but Outfit7 says that its second decade will also see branching into new IP and genres through an in-development team-based PvP arena game, alongside more titles in Talking Tom’s “virtual friend” genre.

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