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Wargaming has released a bit more information regarding future updates for World of Tanks

Wargaming has released a bit more information regarding future updates for World of Tanks, and it appears that the company is working on bringing Ray Tracing support to its new enCore engine which will bring additional eye-candy to the game.

According to details provided by Wargaming in its latest blog post, the first big technological change with the enCore engine brought further optimizations to Concurrent Rendering, a feature that was detailed earlier this year and aims to optimize CPU and GPU utilization, allowing the engine to run better on multi-core CPUs as well as high-end GPUs.

The second big update is rather interesting as it should bring "more soft and realistic shadows", thanks to Ray Tracing Technology. To a big surprise, the detailed support will come in cooperation with Intel and will work on all graphics cards with support for DirectX 11 and higher. While it won't bring a level of eye-candy seen in a couple of Nvidia RTX-based games, it will bring significant graphics improvements.

Because WoT is a competitive game, it seems like most players will relegate ray tracing use to replays, unless their PCs are high-end enough to still deliver great frame rates during gameplay. In addition to using Embree to offload GPU work, Wargaming has put huge work into making its engine process more concurrent data than before, bring forth yet more performance boosts.

As great as this implementation might be, we’d still wager that GPU ray tracing solutions are going to ultimately be the best option in the future, thanks largely to their hugely parallel nature. But even those could potentially make use of Intel’s Embree for some ray tracing work. since our CPUs are (finally) getting bigger. On the GPU side, we know that AMD has ray tracing hardware in the works, and NVIDIA has talked ad nauseam about RTX. It’s still quite nice to see a solution from a big game that will work out-of-the-box. Assuming you have a decent PC, that is. We’re keen on seeing if more developers will jump on the Embree bandwagon in the future. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy WoT Gold from at a reasonable price.

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