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World of Warcraft classic game is successful

Blizzard announced during Blizzcon 2017 that WoW Classic servers were on their way after years of anticipation. Ever since Wrath of the Lich King, fans of World of Warcraft have wanted official Blizzard servers set in the base, vanilla experience of the original in 2004. J. Allen Brack, the executive producer of World of Warcraft definitively said Classic servers would never release at Blizzcon 2013, following the “No!” with “and by the way, you don’t want to do that either. You think you do, but you don’t.” Well, despite the conflicting statement, WoW Classic servers are officially live and available to anyone with an active World of Warcraft account on PC or Mac.

It's fascinating the see how much attention and demand Blizzard has generated for WoW Classic. This is something genuinely new for the industry. We've become accustomed to the enthusiasm that greets updates and re-releases of retro titles, most notably in the form of miniature retro consoles loaded with classic games, but WoW Classic is something quite different. A stripped-down retro re-release of a game that actually still has a very popular live service right now. WoW isn't a retro game -- it's a current, regularly updated and widely played game -- yet it's clear that a substantial number of consumers see an earlier iteration of that live service as being something different enough to qualify as an exciting retro re-release.

wow classic

Enemies are stronger than they are in the current version, just because their level is grey to you doesn’t mean you’re just going to one-shot it. Currency is harder to come by and the Auction House is flooded with materials and other necessities that would otherwise net you a nice profit. Expect to die a lot whether riding solo or grouping with friends and when you aren’t dying, make sure you’re eating or drinking. Dungeons are particularly tedious this time around as many gamers didn’t experience vanilla or avoided the private servers that were around (RIP Nostralius) so they’re handling dungeons like they would in the current version of the game. To get a group going for a dungeon, you have to do it the old-fashioned way: spamming local and/or Trade Chat for members to join you, then running to the specific dungeon or raid. There is no pressing the I key then being instantly teleported to the dungeon after dancing naked on the Crossroads mailbox while in queue, you’ll have to actually know where to go and what to do.

That means the original game -- the first iteration of WoW and every iteration since then -- was effectively lost to history until such time as Blizzard opted to bring it back into service. It did so, of course, not out of a particular interest in preserving such an important part of gaming history; rather, it was because community efforts at preserving a classic iteration of WoW, efforts that Blizzard shut down through legal means, had acted as a proof of concept for the commercial appeal of the service.

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