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Not had this one before booked 1st on Emirates next June Dubia to Manchester, got a email saying due to operational reasons my flight had change, but only the down grade to Biz class. What would the reason be for this? ( Note booked with QANTAS points ) Its still A A380. Never had this happen before.


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Probably an aircraft change from a 3-class EK A380 to a two-class A380 with Biz and Eco only, no first class cabin.


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Emirates flights to Manchester have a mix of a380’s with and without first class. I imagine the flight you were booked on has been changed to an a380 that tops out at business class. I’m not sure what your options are for changing flights since you booked with QF points but I would recommend trying to get in touch with Emirates to see if they can move you to the next flight offering first class as per your original booking. Worth a shot right?


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Emirates has a number of A380 without first. Sounds like they have swapped it out on your flight.


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EK run a small sub-fleet of about 15 A380s with only Biz and Eco. They are operating these two-class aircraft between Dubai and Manchester amongst other destinations, so suspect your flight has had an aircraft change and this is why you have been downgraded to J.

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