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how to set up a basic firework show in Minecraft

Cheap Minecraft Account Just because the 4th of July has already come and gone this year doesn't mean you can't add some eye-popping fireworks displays to your Minecraft experience! Here we're going to go over how to make fireworks in Minecraft, of all colors and shapes.

The game was in a public alpha since 2009 but then officially released in November of 2011. The game has been brought over to every major console including the Nintendo Switch, several mobile devices, VR, and likely the next generation on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Mojang, the developer behind Minecraft was purchased by Microsoft back in 2014 for $2.5 million and is still readily available on almost every major hardware out there. Crafting is a huge part of the game as players can put together certain materials to make new ones like weapons, shovels, armor, and in this care, fireworks. Here's how players can craft fireworks in Minecraft.


First things first, you’ll need a Firework Star. To craft this, combine any color of Dye with one piece of Gunpowder inside of the in-game Crafting Table. This is all you need to make a Firework Star, however, as mentioned above, you can personalize the Firework Star by including one of the listed items from the shape effect list, along with one of the listed items from the additional effects list found below.
Shape effect

    Gold Nugget – Star-shaped explosion
    Fire Charge – Large ball explosion
    Feather – Burst explosion
    Head – Creeper-shaped explosion

Additional effects

    Glowstone Dust – Twinkle / Crackle effect after explosion
    Diamond – Trail effect after explosion
    Glowstone Dust & Diamond – Twinkle & Trail effect after explosion

Now that you’ve got your fireworks, you may be wondering how to set them off to create the ultimate show. When you use a firework on a block, it automatically fires – so if you want to be more precise with your timings and trigger the firework from a safe distance, you’ll need to put your fireworks inside dispensers, and use redstone to activate them. They will shoot in the direction they’re fired, but you can create diagonal trajectories by firing them through flowing water. YouTuber DigMinecraft has created a simple tutorial explaining how to set up a basic firework show in Minecraft .

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