Qantas will restart Hong Kong flights in January 2023

Let's hope Chinese New Year of 2023 brings good fortune for Qantas and other airlines returning to Hong Kong.

By David Flynn, November 17 2022
Qantas will restart Hong Kong flights in January 2023
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Qantas is locking in its return to Hong Kong, with flights from Sydney taking off at the end of January followed by Melbourne in late March.

Sydney-Hong Kong (QF127/QF128) will resume from Monday January 30 with three flights per week – on Monday, Wednesday and Friday – until February 27, at which point it moves to a daily schedule.

Melbourne-Hong Kong (QF29/QF30) bounces back on Sunday March 26 with daily flights from the get-go.

Both the Sydney and Melbourne flights feature the familiar Airbus A330 workhorse, with 28 lie-flat Business Suites but lacking premium economy.

The same period sees Oneworld partner Cathay Pacific running around two flights each day from Sydney and Melbourne on its modern Airbus A350s, which feature the airline’s latest business class and premium economy offerings.

Cathay Pacific is steadily rebuilding its worldwide network and bringing back more aircraft from deep storage in Australia's Norther Territory, with the aim of being back to 70% of pre-pandemic passenger capacity levels by the end of 2023 and 100% by the end of 2024. 

What’s not coming back is the Qantas Hong Kong Lounge: as Executive Traveller first reported in August 2021, that boutique lounge has long been shuttered, stripped and gutted.

Qantas will instead be directing all lounge-worthy travellers – including Qantas Club members – to Cathay Pacific’s lounges.

“In Hong Kong we've come to a relationship with Cathay to use their premium lounges,” Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce confirmed to Executive Traveller in August 2021.

At the time of writing, Hong Kong airport remains split into two zones which segregate passengers flying on mainland China from other international travellers – with the result that not all of Cathay Pacific’s lounges can be enjoyed by all passengers.

Hong Kong began a measured reopening to the rest of the world in September 2022, with pre-flight and on-arrival testing – and while there’s no mandatory quarantine imposed on travellers, for the first three days they’re unable to enter any place which requires a vaccine pass check – a lengthy list including restaurants, bars, nightclubs, gyms and beauty parlours.


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14 Sep 2012

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The argument from AJ that A330 network reach doesn’t warrant premium economy is not adding up when compared to the competition CX, SQ etc on the Australia-Asia sectors. I know A LOT of travellers who would choose PY if it was offered on QF hands done, even domestic!

12 Dec 2012

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The A330 cabin refit would have been much better if they had put in even 2 rows of premium economy.

It was incredibly short sighted and stupid of Qantas not to add a premium economy mini cabin to the 330s.

Even if they didn't want to sell a premium economy product on the A330 domestic flights, they could still have sold those seats as economy with either gold+ FF preferred seating or as an extra leg room surcharge (as they do with some seats already).

12 Dec 2012

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If I'm flying to Asia and the option is a QF A330 with no premium economy or a JAL/CX flight with premium economy, I'll be booking with CX/JAL.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 Apr 2012

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QF seems to like to come in just before Chinese New Year, taking advantage of the students and families returning home for the Chinese festive season.  But at the Prices QF currently offer , along with the hard product compared with the competition's A350, and the reduced students and visitors from the mainland the last few years, it'll be interesting to see how long this takes before it is taken off the schedule again (or if it has another false start like other announced destinations).

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31 Oct 2014

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Their return is at least a week too late for Chinese New Year, which seems like quite the missed opportunity.

Meanwhile, that Peak Tram photo needs an update, that tram has been replaced.


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01 May 2012

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Yes, was on the Peak Tram the other day (downwards) not a soul on it, shame really new carriages, tracks, cables etc, reflects how it is here now....

21 Apr 2017

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Completely agree with the comments above. With CX out of action I've been forced to fly QF into Asia a lot more than I used to. Been just wonderful slowly moving back to CX as they ramp up again. The two airlines are night and day even with all CX has been through. The lack of network, tired product, gruff service and absence of PEY as an option on Asia routes means QF is a poor cousin to CX, JL and others. I only bother posting comments such as this in the hope that something will one day change at QF. Until then I guess the airline will continue it's myopic focus on quarterly results and showering its management with cash.

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