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Make kinah Aion -Minti-sama Video Tutorial




While the art of CS/EA without breaking sap/blind is quite well known to old school rogues, like most other pure 1v1 tactics such as the 5-8 kites, it is slowly but surely going out of about AION GOLD. Fortunately, Minti-sama brought us the best video tutorial on the subject yet. The weapon swap + stopattack macro has been around for a long time, but few can explain it as well as Minti can. His warm voice is pure candy to my ears, and I expect many more short videos from him as part of his responsibility to promote his new sponsor Complexity about AION GOLD.
With new garrote silencing for three seconds allowing you to do much more damage during the silence, ambush lost a lot of its value as the anti-mage opener. Still, against players with less than full health, its extremely high crit chance makes it devastating. With seal fate and initiative you can get 3 combo points easily to get make kinah Aion  AION GOLD. Premeditation and initiative you can ambush for 4CP and 10% bonus damage followed by CB evis right off the bat, it is still quite potent about AION GOLD.
You only gain combo points if you dodge/resist attacks from your target. In other word if you are hitting a priest and a rogue is stabbing you, even if you turn on evasion you would not see any additional combo points on the priest for AION GOLD. With the addition of cloak of shadows against casters and evasion against everyone else, this ability got a lot better, especially for AR Prep specs.
Even with sap rarely lasting its full duration. A successful sap in a 3v3 fight can be game winner. As a subtlety rogue your opener is one of your biggest assets, improved sap is a very good talent. Ironically it is even stronger in 1v1, when you can sap->CS without breaking sap to get easy combo points. Some of the best 1v1 openers require improved sap to work properly.

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