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Aion guides - Buy Aion Kinah - Wintergrasp and Attacking in Aion


Buy Aion Kinah in Wintergrasp is a huge area in Northrend located just south of Icecrown. This area is dedicated to full open world PvP, and the controlling team gains an assortment of benefits for their Buy Aion Kinah faction such as access to the raid instance the Vault of Archavon. A further advantage to having control of Wintergrasp Keep is that bosses in Northrend dungeon will drop Stone Keeper Shards and the controlling faction gains a 5% bonus to experience gains. Combat in Wintergrasp happens every 2hrs and 30 min, it and often brings in a huge number of players. Either the horde or alliance always controls the keep and such as acting as the defending team. The attackers need to breach the Buy Aion Kinah gate and take the keep. The defenders need to hold off the attacking army until the 30 minute battle window ends.
The goal for the attacking force is to bring down the walls, and then take the keep before the 30 minute battle window ends. In order to do this, you will need to take siege weapons from the Goblin Workshops outside the walls and try to breach through to the inner keep. Siege engines will prove to be of the most use here, but if you choose to attack on foot, you should try to support your factions siege engines and buy them Buy Aion Kinah some time to bring down the enemy gates and walls. Help take out enemy attackers, catapults, and wall cannons. You can also grab Saronite Bomb and Global Thermal Sapper Charges to aid in the siege.

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